Friday, August 5, 2011

Empty nest

First one flew off then this afternoon, the other two flew away while we weren't looking, just like children do. So this begs the question, do mother birds suffer from empty nest syndrome?

And now I wonder what else will pop up to fill my distraction needs.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby bird update

All four are looking healthy and getting more active. The problem is this one bird who is literally standing on the edge of the nest. He is going to fall if he's not careful. Why do I call him a he and not a she? Because he is taking chances like many little boys I have seen and currently know! I almost dread looking up there to count three instead of four. So maybe the squeaky bird who gets fed the most and who grows the biggest will fall first? Is there a metaphor in that I wonder?

God bless the inventor of air-conditioning!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Of Squeaks and Nibbles

We're wondering how many birds will survive in the nest. There are four now, but even this early I can see that one is bigger than the others. He seems to stretch his neck forward, open beak calling for food. Is it true that the squeaky bird gets the worm? The mother bird responds to the white outline of the pink mouth and if one is more prominent she will feed that one first.
And what of humans? From my experience in industry and education, it seems that the one who moans and complains the loudest will get his way--if nothing else, just to shut him up! The Meek really don't inherit the earth, unless they are really sneaky.
Cynical comment for today.